Geberit Pluvia roof drainage


Fewer pipelines, more performance

Geberit has been setting standards for roof drainage for decades with the Geberit Pluvia syphonic roof drainage system.
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The right technology ensures a better result.

Clear reasons speak in favour of Geberit Pluvia:

  • Fewer roof outlets due to high discharge rate
  • Increased planning flexibility by saving on stacks
  • Maximum use of space due to horizontal pipelines without slopes 

Sophisticated details, high-quality system components and Geberit as your partner reliably ensure safety, durability and smooth operation.
Geberit Pluvia roof outlets
Example 1: Lightweight roofs benefit from the low static load thanks to Geberit Pluvia. The long connection pipe allows even high insulation thicknesses to be overcome.
Example 2: For concrete roofs with bitumen roof foil, Geberit Pluvia has a bitumen contact sheet to provide a better connection.
Example 3: Thanks to its compact design, Geberit Pluvia is also suitable for installation in gutters.
Example 4: For weight-bearing concrete roofs with bitumen roof foil, the height of Geberit Pluvia can be adapted with a supplementary set.