About Us

Unitrade International is a fast-growing construction company on the local market. Projects have included shopping malls, residential and office buildings, factories and hotels.The company is also a representative of several leading European brands on the Bulgarian market.

Member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. 

Bathroom furniture

Unitrade International is exclusive representative of Geberit for Bulgaria.
Led by customer care and desire for satisfaction, our mission is to offer best quality products from European leaders in construction and sanitary technologies to the Bulgarian market.
In our showroom on Cherni vrah blvd. 161A, you will find variety of design, function and complete solutions in bathroom furniture.


Geberit has a long tradition in quality, reliability and inovations. Since its founding in 1874, the company has helped shape and develop the sanitary industry. Know-How Installed defines the company philosophy: you can alwats rely on a complete solution from Geberit.
The development of our products is based on solid market experience and the newest technologies. We place a special emphasis on the quality and efficiency of our researches and development. This is, what allows us to provide market leadership and to define the trends in sanitary technologies. 
Our goal is to create durable solutions, which are distinguished by their simplicity. We quarantee the safety and durability of our products and systems troughout their life cycle.
We set new standards in design, comfort and water development. This is part of our long-therm contibution to the enviroment and society as a whole.
The Geberit headquarters is located in Jona, Switzerland. With more than 12 000 employees in 50 counties, Gebrerit generates net sales of 2,6 billion Swiss francs.
Main facts:
  • The European market leader in sanitary technologies
  • Presence on a global scale
  • Powerful trademark
  • Exellent technology platform
  • Successful business model
  • Permanent and stable cash flow
Hansgrohe, bathroom and sanitary specialist, is an employer of over 3 500 people on all continents. With ten manufacturing sites and offices in 44 countries, the company is one of the few world players in sanitary industry. In 2013 the Hansgrohe family celebrated its 112th birthday. The founder, Hans Grohe starts its small business in 1901 with small workshop for metal presses in Schwarzwald. The company headquarters is still there, in the receptionist home of "Clever Hans". But today, the trademark, which he creates, enjoys a worldwide reputation: the Hansgrohe products, with the quality requirements of "Made in Germany", are used in more than 140  countries all over the world.
  • is founded in 1901 from the trained trader of clothes and gifted inventor Hans Grohe (1871-1955) in Schiltach, Schwarzwald, Germany
  • is European joint-stock company (Societas Europaea SE), whose shares are not traded on the stock exchange
  • there are two major owners:
                - Claus Grohe family, Schiltach (32%)
                - The American corporation Masco, Taylor, Michigan (68%)
 The Hansgrohe group follows 5 strategic goals:
  1. Inovation, design and sustainalbility - consolidation of its innovative leadership in the field of technologies, design and sustainable development
  2. Global speed - expanding its international presence and developing its business model for emerging markets 
  3. Quality and productivity - improving product quality and developing a "Global Production Balance" 
  4. Sedentary business processes - optimizing business processes
  5. Organisation - developing organisational stucture of the company, the international staff and talent managing

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