Mixers for bathrooms and kitchens
Be inspired by Hansgrohe passion for water! Hansgrohe do everything that can to add beauty and sensuality to your encounters with water.They know how much you enjoy showering, bathing and washing up when you have emotive design that is visually and physically flattering, comfortable to hold and indulges the senses. 

Excellent unity of form and function: bathroom products from the hansgrohe brand
The bathroom is not just a washroom – it’s a living space with the feel-good factor. Shower areas are getting larger, and new materials such as glass give the bathroom a new, modern character. Products from hansgrohe will make your bathroom more comfortable. Delve into hansgrohe’s world of bathrooms, and discover expressive style collections, innovative design and useful functions.

Timelessly beautiful taps, sinks and combi units from Hansgrohe for your kitchen
People are passionate about their kitchens. The kitchen is a place where family and friends meet up, for cooking, eating, relaxing and celebrating. Taps, sinks and sink combi units from hansgrohe are the perfect ingredients for creating a timeless, stylish and functional ambience with all the mod cons. These will transform the kitchen into your favourite room in your home. And your kitchen chores? They will be an absolute breeze.