That kind of installation is not possible. The actuator plates / buttons of Geberit are developed exclusively for Geberit concealed cisterns.
This kind of installation is not possible. The concealed cisterns Geberit are combining in the following ways:
- Geberit Delta concealed cisterns with Delta actuator plates
- Geberit Sigma concealed cisterns with Sigma actuator plates
- Geberit Omega concealed cistern with Omega actuator plates
Concealed cisterns and installation elements - 10 years
Geberit Monolith - 10 years
Drain assemblies for washbasins and bathtubs - 10 years
Fill valves and flush valve systems - 5 years
Actuator plates / buttons - 5 years
Actuator plastes for remote montage - 5 years
Shower toilets Geberit - 2 years
Electronic flush systems for urinals and WC's  - 2 years
Electronic eashbasin taps - 2 years
Ceramics - 10 years
WC seat - 2 years
Furniture - 2 years
The highest quality is basic element of Hansgrohe's company policy. That's why they offer their customers five year warranty. The warranty conditions are integral part of every product packing.
The warranty period of Dyson Airblade hand dryers is 5 years.
For additional information on the warranty conditions, please call 02/968 11 11.
For the Geberit products - 25 years
Fro the Hansgrohe pruducts - 10 years
Cleaning instructions
You have selected a Geberit product with a high-grade surface. Please comply with the following cleaning instructions so that your Geberit product will give you many years of pleasure.
Cleaning agents containing chlorine or acids, or ones that are corrosive, abradant or scouring, could damage the surface.
Use only mild cleaning agents and water.
  1. Clean the product with a soft cloth soaked in water.
  2. Dry the product with a soft cloth.
Hansgrohe presents short recomendations how to maintain the shine and function of the products in long term:
 - don't use cleaning supplies, which contain hydrochloric acid, formic acid, chlorinated bleaching agent or acetic acid, because they can cause significant damages;
 - don't use abrasive cleaning tools or devices with sandpaper;
 - clean the products, using the prescribed dose cleaning agent, with maximum time of applying 10 minutes;
 - when you clean with spray, don't spray from the cleaning solution directly on the product, but on the cleaning cloth;
 - after the cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water
The hand dryer, should be cleaned daily.
Follow these three easy steps to be sure that your device will work properly and will stay hygienic.
Wipe all sufaces and sensor lens with soft cloth and nonabrasive detergent. Particular attention should be paid to the sides and seals.
Clean regularly the ventilation opening at the base.
Clean the floor and walls around the device. This may have to be done more regularly on places with high degree of use.
You can put only the external metal disc of the overhead shower in a dishwasher. The plastic parts are not suitable for the hot temperatures of the dishwasher cleaning program. The exact procedure is illustrated in the applied installation instruction of the product.
The syphonic roof drainage allows large roof areas to be drained quicker and with fewer roof outlets and downpipes.
The system Geberit Pluvia uses the height of the downpipes to create negative presure which causes suction effect. When the system fills comletely, the water accelerates due to the forces of gravity. This acceleration creates negative pressure within the pipe and therefore the syphonic action. For that purpose it's necessary the air entry into the system to be prevented. This is accomplished by proper calculation of the whole system and special roof outlets, that prevent the air entry.
The system is suitalbe for buildings of any purpose. For it to be cost-effective it is best if the roof area is at least 500m.
Every project is unique and therefore the necessary height to generate the syphonic action can vary depending on few factors:
  • the total horizontal run length
  • the complexity of the pipework configuration
  • the design rainfall intensity
No, after the end of the rainfall, the water will drain from the roof and the system will empty. During light rainfall events, the system will not fill with water and will operate similarly to conventional drainage system.
Flat roofs and gutters must be maintained regularly. Dirt, leaves and any growth must be removed in good time in order to prevent blockages in the roof drainage system. This cleaning must be performed regularly according to the respective environmental conditions (climate, trees around, etc.). The Geberit Pluvia roof outlet must also be cleaned of any dirt in accordance with the figures. The building owner is responsible for deciding the frequency of this cleaning on site. The building owner can thereby delegate the task to a suitable person (e.g. the facility manager).
The Geberit Pluvia system is designed with high flow velocities, which ensures the pipe system is self-cleansing. Any small debris such as leaves, twigs, etc. will be pulled into the pipe system and flushed away.
There are few way of discharge:
  • Below ground zero is forseen underground pipe which is two diameters bigger than the downpipe of the syphonic system. That way the flow smoothly goes from syphonic to conventional.
  • Discharge in close manhole
  • Discharge in rainwater tank
Yes, when it is located on an upper floor (for example, top deck of multi-level car park), so the necessary hight to create syphonic action is provided.
No, the system Geberit Pluvia is designed to work under big negative pressure and high flow velocities, which makes it self-cleansing.
Yes, regardless of the roof area, it is necessary overflows to be forseen. This could be roof scuppers at the flat roofs or overflows at the gutters. In cases when this kind of overflows is not suitable, it is necessary an emergency system to be forseen. Geberit offers not only the main system, but also an emergency syphonic system.