Dyson Airblade DB handdryer white

The Dyson Airblade dB hand dryer dries hands in just 10 seconds. It’s the fastest hand dryer. It also has touch-free operation, uses a HEPA filter and contains a lifetime antibacterial additive, which can help prevent the growth of bacteria.
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  • Dirty washroom air is sucked in by the Dyson digital motor V4.
  • It passes through a HEPA filter, removing 99.9% of the bacteria.
  • The filtered air passes over the electronics, cooling them.
  • The air then reaches the motor, which channels it up and through the machine.
  • Air passes into the air ducts which are insulated to reduce noise.
  • It’s then forced through two apertures – creating sheets of air travelling at 690 km/h.
  • The two sheets of air literally scrape water from hands.
Voltage 200-240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 1600 W
Air speed 690 km/h
Hand dry time measurement 10 sec
Packaged dimensions H735 x W359 х D305 mm
Net weight 8.2 kg
Filter HEPA
Motor 1 piece
Motor speed 90000 rpm
Activation system IR activation